MammaPrint and BluePrint in Breast Cancer

Every breast cancer type requires a different approach for successful treatment. MammaPrint and BluePrint tests were developed to enable a decentralized use of diagnostic testing to help single out individual breast cancer cells for a more effective treatment. 

MammaPrint test examines the 70 most important genes linked to breast cancer reoccurrence. As a result, it allows for more informed and prompt decisions on pre-and post-operative treatment for you and the doctor.

BluePrint helps your doctor identify the underlying biology of an individual breast cancer. The diagnosed tumor will be accurately classified as either one of the three subtypes of breast cancer cells, which include;

The obtained information is on the behavior of the cancer cells, the likely cause of the specific breast cancer, and its response to systemic therapy, such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or immunotherapy. The combination of MammaPrint and BluePrint tests gives healthcare providers vital information that enables them to effectively treat the cancerous cells. 

The two tests are of great benefit to women of all ages, ranging from newly diagnosed patients with invasive (infiltrating) breast cancer from stage I, II, or operable III. In addition, those with lymph node-negative, one to three lymph nodes, or a five centimeter tumor size can also benefit from the tests.


Leverage the power of our comprehensive genomic profiling at the time of diagnosis


Obtain rapid results to improve time to treatment and multidisciplinary treatment planning


Empower more informed patient care decisions to minimize under- and over-treatment